Oh what a crazy day! When planning for this shoot, Josh and I were thinking of a way to surprise Roxy. We wanted their proposal to stand out in a unique way. So we got to planning. I brought the idea of Roxy and I doing a “photoshoot” together. I told her that I would love to have her model for me to expand my portfolio. Of course, she said yes and went along with no idea what really was going to happen. Roxy is timid and reserved, but full of love. Josh is sensitive and so kind. Perfect! Match made in heaven. I knew this proposal was going to be one that I would remember. When we arrived at our location, the ground and trees were covered in a light blanket of snow, making it the most serene canvas for photos. I started taking photos of Roxy and we continued our walk down the path to where Josh was, I caught a glimpse of the setup. I was so amazed! Josh had such a beautiful backdrop. There I saw two vintage blush pink doors with eucalyptus filled frames, a pallet with a tea set up, and his record player playing their song, Forever Ago by Woodlock. The closer we got the more nervous I was getting! Roxy locked eyes with Josh and realized why we were really there. You can see the joy and emotion on her face! She truly was surprised. The moment was so beautiful, it was a honor witnessing two people’s live being changed by love. I hope you get to experience what I felt through their story leaving you inspired and moved by love. Enjoy!



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January 24, 2017
Lucy Bilonti
January 25, 2017
You can feel the emotion, love it!
January 27, 2017
Beautiful work Esther! Such a sweet proposal :)